Miguel Molina: «There is no better way to present the film than in this festival I love so much»

Miguel Molina, director

10/21/2019.- Miguel Molina has premiered his directorial debut in the Meeting Point section of the 64th Valladolid International Film Festival. Un tiempo precioso (A beautiful time) shows the decline of an actor at the end of his life after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and a brain tumour. The filmmaker drew from life stories he had a personal connection with in order to illustrate the entire disease process.

Sprinkled with humour, the story alternates between extremely difficult moments, and tender scenes full of complicity between the protagonist and his son that help lower the tension. «Despite it being so tragic, the film is full of hope”. Besides, «not only does it show the patient’s point of view, but also the family’s,” says Molina.

The production took three years, and the whole team that took part in it says it was “made with a very tight budget”. Even so, Molina says that “it is finally finished, and I think people have really liked it”. He expressed his gratitude to the audience for his participation. “Valladolid has always been very good to me, and I’m happy because there is no better way to present the film than in this festival I love so much.”

In the meeting he had with the media during the evening, the actor said that “I needed to tell a story and be able to make my own decisions after being bossed around for so many years.”

The screening, which took place at the Zorrilla Theater, was attended by Miguel’s wife Sandra Blakstad, his son Carlos Pulido, and actor Saturnino García, along with the technical team that took part in the production. “We put our heart and soul into this film,” they said, “and we hope it will warm people’s hearts”.

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