María Rodríguez Soto, starring in ‘Els dies que vindran’: “Being pregnant during the film wasn’t a problem, it was a bonus”

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María Rodríguez and David Verdaguer, protagonists of ‘els dies que vindran’

21/10/2019.- The two leading stars in Els dies que vindran, María Rodríguez Soto and David Verdaguer, who are a couple both in fiction and in real life, presented the film at the Broadway Cinemas on Monday, October 21. The film, directed by Catalan filmmaker Carlos Marques-Marcet, marks the end of a phase devoted to relationships in the director’s career.

Els dies que vindran, halfway between a documentary and a fiction film, delves into the intimacy of Vir and Lluís, a couple that must face the everyday problems and disagreements stemming from their unexpected pregnancy. The film was a success at the Málaga Film Festival, where it won the Gold Biznaga and two other awards, one for its director and one for the leading actress.

The process of making this film — which María Rodríguez describes as very difficult and “hand-made” — was very different from others, as the actress explained during the discussion following the screening of the film. “We started empty-handed and took a leap of faith. Carlos used to give us a conflict and we improvised. He filmed it and structured the script that we later used to shoot with.”

Both the pregnancy and the protagonists’ relationship in Els dies that vindran exist in real life. The idea for the film came up when Verdaguer and Marques-Marcet were in London rehearsing for Tierra firme, the director’s second feature film. “Maria told us via Skype that she was pregnant and Carlos asked that we start this film the minute we finished shooting,” said the actor.

This movie closes a three-part film work that explores romantic relationships in three different ways. The other two feature films that deal with this topic are the aforementioned Tierra firme, and 10.000 km, Marques-Marcet’s directorial debut, which helped him become established as a director. For 10.000 km, the filmmaker won several awards, including the Goya Award for Best New Director and the Gold Biznaga at the Málaga Film Festival, both in 2015.

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