‘Los que buscamos’ is presented in DOC. Spain to give voice to the cases of ‘stolen children’

Óscar Bernace, director and screenwriter of Los que buscamos

21/10/2019.- The 64th International Film Week in Valladolid has hosted the premiere of Los que buscamos, by Óscar Bernàcer, a documentary about the drama of the stolen children with the purpose of shedding light on those cases, making this reality known by the public and giving strength and hope to the people who are also in this situation.

The documentary was presented at the Broadway Cinemas in the section DOC. Spain. The premiere was attended by Enrique Vila, Ascensión Orive, María José Picó y María Isabel Peris, the main people in this story, as well as the director.

Its main characters, among which is Enrique Vila, lawyer specialised in filiation and president of SOS Bebes Robados, have been working for more than 30 years fighting to try to obtain answers. «We need to continue day after day and without losing hope», he has explained in the conversations after the screening.

Asunción was forced to give her daughter up for adoption after her birth, Enrique and Maribel were separated from their mothers when they were born and María José lost her twin sister. She tells us that when twins were born, usually one was taken away for adoption alleging it had died.

The director said that he spent more than two years investigation with the help of Enrique to collect information and looking for more cases to give life to the project and «we finally went to the more humane level».

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