Jorge Laplace presents his documentary ‘Equipo D: los códigos olvidados’ in the DOC. Spain section

Jorge Laplace, director

20/10/19.- The film Equipo D: los códigos olvidados (D Team: the forgotten codes), featured in the Doc. Spain section, was screened in the Broadway Cinema this Sunday, October 20. The documentary was presented to the audience by director Jorge Laplace, documentary filmmaker Yolanda Pérez, producer Ismael Gutiérrez, editors Alejandro Toro and Hugo Cabeza, and soundtrack composer Pablo Cervantes.

The documentary tells the story of the D Team, a group of Spanish, French, and Polish cryptologists who tried to decipher the Enigma machine used by the Nazis during World War II.

Director Jorge Laplace said that what he wanted to achieve with this feature-length documentary was for “the viewer to experience this story and acknowledge how valuable the work these people were doing was.” It is not the first documentary shot by Laplace, who has also filmed 23 disparos and Pasión por Cano. This is, however, his first history documentary: “I was very afraid to make a history documentary because they seemed old and cold to me,” Laplace confessed.

Jorge Laplace is a documentary and short film director born in Jerez, Cádiz. He has a BA in Audiovisual Communication from the University of Seville, and was also a student in the Screenwriter Program at the New York Film Academy. He wrote the scripts of Alfred y Anna and 30 años de oscuridad, which were respectively nominated for Best Animated Short Film and Best Documentary Film Goya Awards.

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