Inca culture and traditions at the heart of ‘Apurímac. El Dios que habla’

Miguel Mato, director of ‘Apurimac. El Dios que habla’

24/10/2019.- Argentinian filmmaker  Miguel Mato presented this Thursday,  24 October, his tenth feature film in the Festival’s section on Film and Climate Change. Apurimac. El Dios que habla is a documentary feature that contains only 40 words in the Quechua language; the rest is a soundtrack provided by ambient sounds. “I didn’t want a talking head to explain what was happening,” the director claimed.

The documentary focuses on the construction of a bridge by four Inca communities. It shows the value of nature combined with the efforts of a thousand people united for  a common goal. Mato highlighted the difficulties in communicating with the film’s protagonists and stated that “never before had their  night ceremony been filmed.”

The building of the bridge that constitutes the film’s focal point refers to a ritual of  essential renewal for the Inca communities. In addition, this construction is capable of bearing the weight of 40 people and 7 llamas. “All the time the film casts  an eye on nature,” said Miguel Mato, who sees himself as  “an urban individual who is nevertheless bothered by the urban environment.” The director is a veteran participant at the Valladolid Festival, since in 2008 he won an award in the Time of History section. “The key is to let yourself be carried away by the film,” he concluded.

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