Henar Rodríguez and Christian Dehugo present ‘Nous, la evolución del pensamiento’

Henar Rodríguez and Christian Dehugo

10/29/2019.- Valladolid directors Henar Rodríguez and Christian Dehugo presented the screening of the feature film NOUS, la evolución del pensamiento (Nous, the evolution of thought) scheduled in the Castilla y León Features Film section on Sunday, October 20. “Thinking is listening, communicating, and growing. Thought, word, and action walk hand in hand,” said Rodríguez after the premiere at the Valladolid Laboratory of Arts (LAVA).

Nous, la evolución del pensamiento is an 85-minute documentary that reflects on the development of children’s ability to think. In order to do this, Henar Rodríguez, a professor at the University of Valladolid, and Christian Dehugo, a teacher at the Lycée Français, conducted a two-year investigation.

The film shows how they organised philosophical sessions in a school in Burkina Faso and in another one in Valladolid. Throughout the footage, several teachers are seen asking questions about love, life, or truth to students of different education levels.

Rodríguez stressed that Nous, la evolución del pensamiento wanted to convey “the importance of transforming schools into places of respect and caring, so that all the children can develop their own life project.”

For his part, Christian Dehugo stated that the process wasn’t easy: “We had to overcome all kinds of obstacles during filming — rain, students who didn’t arrive, and so on.” Besides being a teacher, Dehugo is a musician. He composed the soundtrack for the documentary and also edited the film.

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