Green carpet walk joined by film personalities launches the 64th edition of Seminci

Components of the film Un tiempo precioso, premiere of Micky Molina as director

19/10/2019.- The afternnon rain failed to eclipse the green carpet walk that kickstarted the 64th edition of the Valladolid International Film Festival. Today (Saturday 19 October) the event brought together outside Teatro Calderón, the Festival’s main venue, screen figures like Belén Cuesta, Luis Tosar, Ingrid García-Jonsson or Leticia Dolera.

As in previous years, Valladolid becomes home to film art and culture for a full 8-day event. The parade that regularly precedes the opening gala welcomed numerous personalities from Spanish and international cinema whose presence signalled the start of Seminci’s   64th edition.

The first to walk the green carpet were the city mayor, Óscar Puente, and his wife, Laura Soria, both dressed in designs by César González. The next to appear was fest director Javier Angulo, who received a round of applause from the public gathered outside the theatre. Angulo proved a dedicated host to the festival’s guests despite the rain. Other local authorities joining the green carpet walk included the local Councilor for Culture, Ana Redondo, wearing in a blue velvet dress by Ana Canaan.

David Verdaguer, Álex O’Doherty and Ingrid García-Jonsson, by Salir del ropero

For more than an hour numerous filmmakers and screen figures walked the carpet, including actresses Carmen Arrufat, wearing  a striking coral dress by Ernesto Terrón and jewelry by Reyes Muelas; Leticia Dolera, who will be presenting her series Perfect Life and wore an elegant black dress; Celia Freijerio, in a black suit wand tie; or Lola Dueñas, who appeared in a dress by Agapi. The walk was likewise joined by the members of the several juries in this year’s edition of Seminci.

Halfway through the parade appeared three much-awaited screen personalities: actors Alex O’Dogherty and David Verdaguer and actress Ingrid García-Jonsson, all three representing the TVE movie Salir del ropero. One of the most anticipated moments in the event was the arrival of this edition’s “Godmother” or special host Belén Cuesta, who received a long ovation from the public and unreservedly posed with fans.

The cast an crew of the Festival’s opening film Intemperie (Out in the Open) closed the parade with actors Luis Callejo, Vicente Romero or Manolo Caro followed by the film’s protagonists Luis Tosar and child performer Jaime López and the movie’s director Benito Zambrano.

One more year, a large number of guests present at the opening gala chose Valladolid-based fashion designers for their attire. Concerning the prevailing styles, the general rule was bright dresses with festive sequins and velvet in all its variants. As for colours, black was proclaimed the clear winner, although fluoride tones were also outstanding choices.

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