Eliseo de Pablos: “Mujeres de cristal is a realistic film which sends a message of hope”

Eliseo de Pablos, director of ‘Mujeres de cristal’

22/10/2019.- The film by Eliseo de Pablo, titled Mujeres de cristal has been screened this afternoon in room 11 at Cines Broadway, in the section Castile and Leon in detail. During the projection, the two people who made it possible for this project to come about, the director himself and journalist Esmeralda Marugán were present.

The films is about the life stories of women who have overcome big adversities so that their overcoming experiences inspire us. This film, in which reality and fiction bland, shares the common situations which have led to the overcomings of these women.

According to the director, Eliseo de Pablo, who spoke at the presentation and the conversations after the screening, which the main women who appeared in the story of the feature film also attended, this film “is not a drama, it is a realistic film which sends a message of hope through the stories of these women.”

It is also “an unconventional film since it mixes real stories and people with the use of fiction and non-professional actresses,” which is a good example of the strength of women in today’s society.

Esmeralda Marugán, who also participated in the debate after the screening, was very thrilled that this project had gone through and had been projected at Seminci, which according to the journalist was the reason why she came to Valladolid for the first time. She also wanted to denounce the current situation of women claiming that “we don’t need psychologists; we need society to be more just, judges who are more involved and abusers who end up in jail”.

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