‘El hombre que diseño España’ tells the life and works of graphic artist José María Cruz Novillo

22/10/2019.- The documentary on José María Cruz Novillo, El hombre que diseñó España, codirected by Andrea G. Bermejo and Miguel Larraya has been projected this Tuesday 22 October in the section DOC. Spain, with the presence and subsequent conversations with its directors, as well as scriptwriters, and the graphic artist’s son.

The film tell the life and works of José María Cruz Novillo, Spanish sculptor, graphic artist, painter and designer, who helped redesign the image of Spain, creating many of the most well-known logos in our country: the newspaper, the rose and the fist of PSOE, Cadena Cope, Repsol, Correos, Endesa and Antena3 among many others, as well as the bills for the bank of Spain and the posters for many films.

Andrea G. Bermejo, editor-in-chief for magazine Cinemanía and collaborator in the TV program ‘Historia de nuestro cine,’ has admitted that the documentary emerged “shortly after interviewing the graphic designer and being surprised by his particular vision of visuals.”

Miguel Larraya admitted that he was the one who came up with the idea of the title of the film after he discovered “using Wikipedia” Cruz Novillo’s many merits in redesigning current Spain.

The artist’s son was very excited about the screening of this documentary and thanked the public for their recognition, especially regarding his father’s charisma, who he called “a beautiful person.” He also said he would have liked Cruz Novillo to attend the screening of the documentary he was a protagonist in, but he could not attend due to “some health problems”.

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