‘El doble más quince’, more than a simple man-and-woman love story

Germán Alcarazu and Mikel Rueda

10/22 /2019.- Mikel Rueda, director, and Germán Alcarazu, the film’s protagonist, today presented in the Spanish Cinema section of the Valladolid Film Festival El doble más quince, which portrays an oasis in the life of two people whose paths exceptionally cross so that they are able to help each other and gather strength in order to to move forward. «After that  each one will continue their way, yet comforted  by having got to know each other and overcome their loneliness», says the director.

Maribel Verdú is responsible for giving life to Ana, the female protagonist, a married woman with two children who seeks to get out of her routine and find the spark that spurs in her the desire to fight on. Germán Alcarazu plays the other character in the story:  Eric, a 15-year-old boy who is starting to live but has a clear sense of purpose.

The film creates a parallel world in which these two people live, both before they meet and during the time they spend together, where they become the center of attention and everything else happens in a blurred background. «We wanted a bubble to form between them where no one entered, and that is why the characters that appear to interrupt this utopian world in which they live always go out of focus», Mikel Rueda explained in the Q&A after the screening.

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