Eduardo Paredes Sanz (6), winner of the Miniminci poster contest

10/10/2019.- The Festival’s section targeted at kid audiences,  Miniminci, already has a poster for the upcoming  64th edition. Its author is Eduardo Paredes Sanz, who is only 6 years old and  studies 1st grade at Valladolid’s state school Ponce de León. The latter is one of 41 schools in  Castile and León which  took part in the poster competition organized for the fifth year by the Valladolid Film Festival in collaboration with the Ministry of Education of the regional Government of Castile and León (Junta de Castilla y León), Valladolid’s Local Council for Education, the  Miguel Delibes Cultural Center, milk manufacturer Leche Gaza and the  veteran daily El Norte de Castilla. A total of 2,113 schoolchildren have submitted their posters. Laura Gómez Barca, a student of  5th grade at state school Francisco Pino, won the competition’s second prize.

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