DOC. Spain displays the broad thematic and aesthetic variety of national documentaries

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El cuadro, by Andrés Sanz

The documentary titles selected, rescue the culture and design figures from oblivion and address issues such as the theft of babies, the Castilian transhumance and the interests of the food industry

2019/01/10.- The International Film Week in Valladolid has selected 18 documentary titles for the DOC.Spain section, dedicated exclusively to Spanish documentaries. The section is made up of 14 full-length films, from which two are not participating in the contest and twelve compete for a price of 6,000 Euro for the filmmaker, as well as four short films that are not participating in the contest.

The documentary titles selected, rescue from oblivion the life and work of figures such as the inventor of the guitar, Antonio Torres Jurado, the graphic designer José María Cruz Novillo, the transcendental role of a group of Spanish scientists who helped decipher the Nazi secret codes or the role played by female labour lawyers in the Spanish political transition.

The documentaries address topics such as the painting Las Meninas, Cuban contemporary artists, the reintegration of a former Guantanamo prisoner, the ancestral Castilian transhumance, the drama of the stolen babies, the questioning of traditional customs in China and the interests of the food industry.

Equipo D, los códigos olvidados

The documentary titles selected are El cuadro, by Andrés Sanz; Cuba crea, by Eduardo Margareto; La defensa, por la libertad, by Pilar Pérez Solano; El escritor de un país sin librerías, by Marc Serena; Equipo D, los códigos olvidados, by Jorge Laplace; La española, la de Torres, by Fran López Montoro and Raúl Enrique Navarro; El hombre que diseñó España, Andrea Gutiérrez Bermejo and Miguel Larraya; La libertad es una palabra grande, by Guillermo Rocamora; La loba parda, by Cristina Ortega Blanco; Made in China, by Marc Chica i José; Los que buscamos, by Oscar Bernàcer, and The Price os Progress, by Víctor Luengo.

The documentaries Endless Cinema, by Lucía Tello Díaz, and Olea… ¡Más alto!, directed by Pablo Malo, which is not participating in the contest, is also programmed.

The short-films that are participating in this edition are Apache, by Octavio Guerra; Beyond The Glacier, by David Rodríguez, and Litoral, by Juanjo Rueda. Dar Dar ELAntartida, by Raúl San Román Otegi, which is not participating in the contest, will also be presented.

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