15 titles will make up the Barcelona School cycle

‘Nocturno 29’, by Pere Portabella

The upcoming 62nd edition of the Valladolid International Film Week will pay tribute to the Barcelona School through a cycle that will include 15 of the most representative titles of this innovative Catalan film movement that emerged in the 1960s.

The cycle, organized in collaboration with the Catalonia Film Library, will screen some feature films, documentaries, and short films that most represent this film movement, with the Nouvelle Vague as its main influence.

The nucleus of this School was comprised of young directors, some of whom came from the Catalan bourgeoisie, seeking to make space for themselves in the industry with productions that intended a rejection of the politically correct cinema. Its inception dates from the years 1966-1967. It had an overall short life as such, if such life is considered by its distinguishing features.

Prominent figures of Spanish cinema have emerged from the Barcelona School, such as Gonzalo Suárez, Joaquím Jordá, Jacinto Esteva, Jordi Grau, Pere Portabella, Jaime Camino, Román Gubern, Carlos Durán, José María Nunes, Ricardo Bofill and Vicente Aranda, among others.

‘Noche de verano’, by Jordi Grau

This cycle will conclude with a roundtable discussion by directors Gonzalo Suárez, Jordi Grau, and Pere Portabella, actresses Serena Vergano, Teresa Gimpera and Romy, considered as muses of these filmmakers, as well as Miritio Torreiro, writer and journalist, and Esteve Riambau, director of the Catalonia Film Library, both the authors of the book La Escuela de Barcelona: El cine de la gauche divine, published by Anagrama in 1999.

The cycle will include the following titles:

NOTES SUR L’ÈMIGRATION (Jacinto Esteva), 1969
NOCHES DE VERANO (Jordi Grau), 1963
CIRCLES (Ricardo Bofill). Short documentary, 1966
NOCHE DE VINO TINTO (José María Nunes), 1966
FATA MORGANA (Vicente Aranda), 1966
UNA HISTORIA DE AMOR (Jordi Grau), 1966
DANTE NO ES ÚNICAMENTE SEVERA (Jacinto Esteva y Joaquín Jordà), 1967
NO CONTÉIS CON LOS DEDOS (Pere Portabella). Short documentary, 1967
NOCTURNO 29 (Pere Portabella), 1968CADA VEZ QUE (Carlos Durán), 1969
DITIRAMBO (Gonzalo Suárez), 1969
BiBiCi STORY, Carles Duran. Short Film, 1969
ESQUIZO (Ricardo Bofill). Feature film, 1970
LEJOS DE LOS ÁRBOLES (Jacinto Esteva). Long documentary, 1972

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