Seminci Transmedia brings virtual reality with six short films

‘Let This Be a Warning’, by The Nest Collective

04/10/2018.- This year the 63rd edition of the ValladolidFestival includes a new feature: Seminci Transmedia will provide fest-goers with a new experience and a new way of viewing audiovisual products. The concept “transmedia” describes a kind of narrative where the story unfolds through several media and in several communication formats. Seminci draws upon this concept and applies it to the film experience. If last year we devoted a day to Live Cinema, this year Valladolid’s “Film Week” will enrich its programme grid with an extra dose of virtual reality: a kind of audiovisual immersion that began to be developed towards the end of the previous century.

In the framework of this event, the Valladolid Festival will screen six shorts as yet unreleased in Spain. They come from the US, South Korea, Denmark, Kenya and Spain and engage several perspectives in order to approach the new social and political struggles we are confronted with, as well as the challenges posed by the new technologies in today’s society.

The event will take place at Teatro Zorrilla’s  Sala Experimental. It will begin on 24 October with a round table joined by  Esther Pérez-Atam, a member of RTVE’s Innovation Lab; filmmaker Alfonso Palazón Meseguer, co-producer for the transmedia project Primavera Rosa; Roberto Romero, the co-founder of production company Future Lighthouse, in turn responsible for films like Melita; and Xperiencia Virtual’s Marcelo Santamaría. All four speakers will review the current cultural scene and analyse the future prospects of combining virtual reality and cinema.

The round table will be followed by the first session of Seminci Transmedia, an event that will continue during the next two days (25 and 26 Oct.) with five daily virtual reality  sessions of about 30 minutes each followed by a Live Cinema show.

This year’s programme of Live Cinema has been put together by the duos Bromo, formed by Paloma Peñarrubia and Azael Ferrer (who will be performing Traces of Erosion), and Los Voluble, with Pedro and Benito Jiménez (their creation is called Borderhack). In both cases, the audiovisual pieces explore contemporary  geopolitics and reflect on immigration and its social and territorial consequences.

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