Meeting Point: travel to five continents in 12 fiction features

Also including 16 shorts, Seminci’s parallel section will screen first and second films from not-so-available national filmographies.

Spain’s participation will consist of feature-length films ‘Now’, by Pere Solés, and ‘Me llamo Gennet’, by Miguel Ángel Tobías, plus six entries in the sidebar The Night of Spanish Short Film

10/04/2018.- Meeting Point, Seminci’s parallel competitive section showing first and second films, will this year include a total of 12 fiction features and 16 short films —all of them selected for their stylistic or thematic interest.

Titles entering this section will compete for the Best Feature Film award, whose cash endowment reaches €20,000. They come from diverse countries —Argentina, Denmark, Egypt, US, Kenya, Mexico, Sweden, Tunisia, Ukraine and Venezuela— including two Spanish features: Now, by Pere Solés, and Me llamo Gennet, by Miguel Ángel Tobías (out of competition).

The section’s lineup deals with a broad range of topics: adults whose childhood was marked by complex circumstances or who are bent on transforming their conventional lives into memorable existences; what it feels like to be homosexual in a conservative society; old age, family estrangement…

The Meeting Point section will also include 16 short films. The ten international shorts are moreover eligible for the Best Short Film award endowed with €3,000. Some other six entries make up the subsection The Night of Spanish Short Film (five of them compete for a single prize with the same cash endowment): Alberto Gastesi’s Cactus (out of Competition); De repente, la noche (Suddenly, the Night), by Cristina Bodelón and Ignacio de Vicente; Carlos Villafaina’s Gusanos de seda; Miguel Ángel Jiménez’s Kafenio Kastello; Gerard Vidal’s Tahrib; and María Guerra’s Viudas.

The other short films screening in Meeting point are: 3 Anos Depois, by Marco Amaral (Portugal); Amor, Avenidas Novas, by Duarte Coimbra (Portugal); Callback, by Gerardo Moran (Mexico); Circuit, by Delia Hess (Switzerland); Fauve, by Jeremy Comte (Canada); III, by Marta Pajek (Poland); Le jour extraordinaire, by Joanna Lurie (France); Lunar-Orbit Rendezvous, by Mélanie Charbonneau (Canada); Na zdrowie! (Bless You!), by Paulina Ziolkowska (Poland); and Totul e foarte departe (Everything Is Far Away), by Emanuel Pârvu (Romania).


Feature films

Ara (Now), by Pere Solés (Spain)

Diane, by Kent Jones (EEUU)

Me llamo Gennet, de Miguel Ángel Tobías (Spain) – Out of competition

Museo, by Alonso Ruizpalacios (México)

Paisaje, de Jimena Blanco (Argentina)

Rafiki, by Wanuri Kahiu (South Africa / Kenya / France / The Netherlands / Germany / Norway)

The Return, by Malene Choi (Denmark / Sout Korea)

Tårtgeneralen, by Filip Hammar y Fredrik Wikingsson (Sweden)

Volcano, de Roman Bondarchuk (Ucraine / Germany / Monaco)

Yo imposible, by Patricia Ortega (Venezuela / Colombia)

Weldi, by Mohamed Ben Attia (Tunisia / Belgium / France)

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