SGAE’s Dunia Ayaso Award to be handed over at Seminci


Ayuso, at SEMINCI in 2009

07/26/2018.- The 63rd edition of the Valladolid International Film Festival will host the presentation of the Dunia Ayaso Award sponsored by the SGAE Foundation. The award is meant to be a tribute to the  Canarian film writer and director who died four years ago.

With a cash-endowment of 5,000, the prize provides recognition for a film that, apart from exhibiting cinematic values, portrays female characters in leading roles or depicts the situation of women in society. Eligible movies trascend such cliches and stereotypes as frequently falsify the experience of women, their potential and their history.

The Valladolid Festival has enthusiastically decided to host this initiative by the SGAE Foundation in honour of  filmmaker Dunia Ayaso, whose film The Island Inside took part in the 2009 edition of Seminci, where it won the Best Actor Award for Alberto San Juan. Ayaso embarked on her professional career with her colleague and sentimental partner Félix Sabroso. Together the wrote the script of TV series like Mujeres and directed feature-lengths like Excuse Me, Darling, But Lucas Loved Me or Chill Out!, among others. Their last joint project, the long feature  Age of Monster, was singly directed several years later by Félix Sabroso.

The identity of the jurors entrusted with awarding this prize (which last year went to filmmaker Carla Simón for her movie Summer 1993), will be disclosed soon. 

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